Process Control

Quality ultimately comes from finding the best ways to perform a given activity—whether that’s evaluating or shipping a part—and executing that process consistently every time. We fully document our quality management processes to ensure that anyone that touches a product or performs a process meets industry standards.

Standard Operating Processes

Each customer has a different solution and quality objectives. We develop a standard operating process for every customer. This SOP spells out how to inspect, clean, test, label and package the parts for that customer to ensure that we do it right, every time.We also put in place SOPs for all aspects of our own operation, to comply with environmental regulations and industry best practices.

Best Practices and Continues Improvement

Our processes are based on the highest-quality industry-standard best practices followed by Tier 1 manufacturers worldwide. These best practices facilitate continual improvement within our operations to further enhance quality and reduce costs. Our goal is Zero Defects.

Quality Management System

We meet the Quality Management system (QMS) international standards for process control. These standards help us reduce and eventually eliminate nonconformance to specifications, standards, and customer expectations in the most cost effective and efficient manner.

Kanban Process

We follow Kanban processes that ensure that all steps in the inspection, testing, labeling and packaging process are performed in the proper sequence. Kanban smoothes the flow of work to maximize throughput, reduce errors, and yield high product quality. It also supports the improvement of service delivery in a gradual, evolutionary manner.

5s Methodology

We adhere to the 5S methodology, which describes ways to organize a work space to reduce waste, optimize productivity and achieve more consistent results. This process is designed to ultimately improve product quality, lower costs, increase uptime, and reduce repair costs. It also facilitates continuous process improvements.


As a result of our conformance to the QMS, 5S, and Kanban quality and continuous improvement initiatives, we’ve been certified by leading companies in the service parts industry. This means these companies trust us to meet their EOL sourcing requirements.