Part Acquisition

End-of-life parts jeopardize your entire supply chain. They consume valuable time for your procurement team and can lead to stock outs and lost sales. With our global network of trading partners, we locate the hard-to-find parts you need quickly and at the lowest possible price.

Because our objective is to build an ongoing relationship, we also make a point of understanding your company’s supply chain operations so we can suggest creative ways to source materials that streamline your business processes and cut costs.


Locating the right EOL part can be like finding a needle in a haystack. Our team has developed deep relationships with a network of 8,000 global trading partners to ensure that we can obtain the high- quality EOL/Shortage material you need when you need it. Native-speaking team members in Asia, Europe and North America are available to serve you around the clock.


Many distributors selling EOL components are looking to unload components they have at hand. As an independent distributor, we take a customer-centric approach. We uncover your needs and customize go-to-market strategies based on your requirements.


Our strong networks and proactive problem solving enable us to locate the right components within your service timeframe. We deliver parts in an average of 3-7 days versus the industry average of 6 to 12 weeks. This means we’re up to 12 X faster than traditional authorized distributors.


EOL parts must be genuine and met your specifications. We offer full in-house HDD testing and Flashing to safeguard against counterfeiters and to ensure drives meet your requirements. For all other parts, we partner with a global network of approved third-party test houses.


Trio SCS services minimize your capital costs. Vendor-managed inventory services allow you to maintain your desired reserve levels while keeping inventory off-the-books. Last-time-buy management services help you plan for part obsolescence. We purchase critical parts in bulk to ensure supplies meet your forecasted requirements and lock you into today’s prices. We then ship parts and bill you on demand, significantly reducing your LTB expenditures, lowering inventory costs, and minimizing supply risks.


Our unparalleled market knowledge and global relationships enable us to purchase effectively to minimize your costs. Our visibility into supplies worldwide, enables us to pinpoint the right sources while minimizing middlemen and markups. We approach sources in a discreet manner to avoid heating up the market. Our custom market tracking service brings you offers on parts you’re interested in at your desired price and condition. Our global network of logistic hubs and partners reduces handling of material, shortens lead times, and cuts logistics costs.

Leverage our experience & global network to find what you’re looking for