Continuous Improvement

Trio Supply Chain Solutions, LLC EHS Objectives:

  • Reduce landfill impacts via recoverable/scrapping of parts from e-Waste activitie
  • Established goal of 5% reduction in energy consumption per calendar year* See here for measurement
  • Improve warehouse operations to reduce possibility of personal injury to employees
  • Zero injury rate for past 4 years
  • Ensure warehouse operations are conducted safely per OSHA standards
  • Attain 100% compliance in data destruction activities
  • 99.99% compliance, no data breach
  • Reduce, reuse, recycle internal materials and waste. See here for recycling results
  • Trio SCS’ energy (GHG) consumption is trending downward even though headcount and ship volumes are increasing.

*Trio SCS has doubled its’ headcount in 2016 and will be re-establishing a baseline goal once the hiring increase levels in 2017.
No regulatory fines or penalties have ever been assessed to Trio Supply Chain Solutions, LLC.
Download EICC Policy here