Maintaining superior product quality is essential for cutting costs, reducing production downtime, and minimizing product touches.

Trio Supply Chain Solutions is committed to the relentless pursuit of performance excellence and zero defects. Our company is built on a foundation of proactive quality planning, continuous improvement and quality controls.

We ensure that products come from reputable sources by following a comprehensive screening and qualification process.

We fully document our quality management processes to ensure to anyone that touches a product or performs a process meets industry standards.

Managing vendors requires an ongoing effort. We review our vendor performance on a continous basis with regular scores and reports.

When a new product is introduced, we train employees on how to handle, inspect, clean, test and package it according to the customer’s specifications.

Trio SCS works to ensure the highest level of testing. We work with a global network of approved third-party specialists.

We audit our internal processes quarterly and as needed. We work with you to provide the warranty that meets your standards.

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