When you upgrade your equipment, what do you do with your old hardware Depending on condition, you’ll need to either recycle the hardware or resell it to recover some of its value. Our consultants can help you make the right decision while our highly trained technicians handle the logistics for you.

Asset Evaluation

Your asset disposal strategy will likely depend on what your excess inventory is worth on the open market. We inspect and test the assets to evaluate their residual value to help you make the appropriate decision that will maximize your return on investment.

Destruction & Recycling

If we’re recycling a hard drive, we shred the drive to prevent data disclosure. We work with partners to recycle all hardware in compliance with green initiatives, ISO 1400 standards, and E-Steward processes. We audit these partners to hold them accountable. You’ll receive a certificate of destruction to document compliance with environmental and privacy laws.


If the hardware can be reused, we test it and make sure it functions properly. If it’s a hard drive, we’ll also erase the data. We’ll then use our proprietary go-to-market methodologies to bring the parts closer to the end user, maximizing returns.