Vendor Screening

Quality assurance starts with sourcing products from trusted suppliers. We ensure that products come from reputable sources by following a comprehensive screening and qualification process that looks at both how well the vendor runs its business and at its internal product-quality controls.


A vendor’s financial position is critical to their ability to deliver quality components to customers. Financial instability can cause vendors to cut corners or even go out of business, leaving customers in the lurch. We carefully evaluate each new vendor’s financial position by consulting with public data sources, and checking private references.

On-site Inspections

Vendors need air-tight controls to accurately deliver the right product for each and every transaction. We visit suppliers to check that they have the necessary controls and procedures in place to protect customers from substandard or imitation parts.

Training & Assessment

Vendors need air-tight controls to accurately deliver the Not only must a vendor have quality processes in place, employees need proper training to carry these processes out properly. We evaluate how well our supplier’s staff is trained in handling, testing, and packaging our products to guarantee that they meet your exacting standards.