Value-added services

Getting components ready for market diverts valuable time and human resources from your core business activities. Trio SCS can take over inefficient processes, such as packaging, labeling, firmware flashing, and testing to reduce material and labor costs and to free your internal resources to focus on more strategic activities.

Customized Test Scripts

To ensure that their brand meets expectations, many customers have requirements for testing beyond OEM specifications. We test hard drives and work with third-party testing facilities for other parts to guard against counterfeiters and ensure that parts meet your company’s requirements.

Custom Packaging

We can complete the activities involved in packing up your products and getting them out the door to your customers. Whether you need to have customized boxes or kits assembled, we create solutions that meet your requirements so you can concentrate on your most important business activities.

Firmware Flashing

We can flash drives using your own firmware. This service means that you can now use more readily available and less costly generic parts (rather than hunting down existing customized ones) while still meeting your specialized requirements.

Custom Labeling

Many clients need custom part numbers and barcodes to be generated and attached to their parts to ensure traceability. We can handle all of the required logistics and hands-on work for your organization so your employees can focus on more strategic business processes.